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  • Pinnex CMS

    Online business tool that allows clients to update and manage data without any HTML or programming skills. Simplify organizational decision-making, alleviate risk and streamline execution to help improve your bottom line and company efficiency.

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  • Pinnex Enews

    ENEWS provides an easy to use solution for targeted newsletters for small and medium sized business at a low cost. Give your audience a positive first impression with a highly effective, feature rich and very easy to use e-mailing distribution management tool, with statistical tracking.

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  • Pinnex Pub

    We provide a complete publishing solution for creating intuitive ways to update and maintain premium content, as well as provide vendors the vital statistics to make marketing decisions. Our solutions enables you to compete effectively in a rapidly changing environment.

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  • Pinnex Store

    Enable e-commerce functionality for your site or create a fully functional online storefront to sell your products. We offer custom tailored online payment integrations as well as complete e-commerce solutions.

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  • Pinnex Apps

    We design professional web applications that can be used easily and successfully by even "technically-challenged" individuals. No HTML? No problem! Our clients appreciate that our web applications are consistent with their brand but still easy to update.

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Welcome to the Pinnex Group

We’re a dynamic web marketing team who calls Birmingham, Alabama home. Our reach, however, is way beyond the local neighborhood. And our expertise is way beyond technology alone.

As a team of talented professionals who eat, sleep and breathe web, we’ve mastered all dimensions of web communication. That includes technical mechanics as well as generating or integrating attractive aesthetics, compelling content and efficient functionality. We can start your website from scratch, pick up where another designer or programmer left off, or refresh your completed site to improve its look, message, performance and management. We do this with your brand in mind so we deliver a website that represents you, speaks effectively to your customers and works...without hiccups.

Give us a call or schedule a PINNEX Needs Assessment and consultation. We promise to deliver you design and implementation strategies for a powerful and persuasive web presence that generates you ongoing business.
The Pinnex Group has been providing quality products and services since 2004.